Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 8 has stopped production for the strangest reason. After starring in one of the best films of his entire career, Top Gun Maverick, the actor returns to work with the next installments of the MI franchise. Cruise has previously said how much he loves working and that promoting his films is vacation time for him.

The actor never rests as he is often busy hanging from airplanes or parachuting into random people’s houses during filming. And the only reason for the delay in filming in the recent past is due to the pandemic.

But now, there are reports that the set of Mission Impossible 8 has halted the shooting of the film as sheep flocked to the set. Yes, you read that right! According to Fox News, a herd of sheep that attacked production in England’s Lake District halted filming of Dead Count Part Two. This is the first time that the shooting of a Tom Cruise starrer has been halted.

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