What is Seo Marketing Strategy

 What is Seo Marketing Strategy

could be Chrome this could be Safari right so it’s very important that you
understand what the user agent is and I’ve made comprehensive videos on all of
that so I might not be talking so much about it because we have a lot to cover
right and then we have devices what kind of devices are you using basically how
do you plan to access this information online right and then number three which
location are you trying to access the information that you are looking for from
then we have your cache we have the details and activities right now before we
move on I must also let you understand that this seo marketing that we are talking
about the seo marketing tool that I’m talking about is a particular concept that
came about the whole idea of combining  

All of these things together into one so
this is not going to be simulation this is going to be real activities the real
devices real user agent real locations real cash sections data logs and
activities combined in one right so imagine if you have a real device and not a
simulated device that is having access to let’s say your website 
seo marketing now bear in
mind some people often say oh now what you thing don’t you think that what
you’re doing is illegal and I’m like you must understand that because you try
to be strategic about something does not mean that you are totally unaware or
you do not care about whatever it is or you’re doing everything that we are
doing whether good or bad has consequences y’all must understand this so before
you come into my DM and you try to judge me or virtue signal you must
understand that I have really thought about it and I would rather choose being
rich over being poor right so definitely I talked about how it’s important for
you to have a good website 
seo marketing a website seo marketing that people would definitely love to visit
people who want to you know interact with first

I have content that people are
interested in and I go by this word I often say this all the time people do not
instinctively click on your ads people don’t just choose or feel like oh you
know what your website 
seo marketing is so beautiful I’m seeing a particular ads that I like
that Google 
seo marketing has tailored for my personalization of I’m gonna click on it no
they’re not gonna do that so how do you go about it definitely they are getting
the value they’re getting whatever it is that they came from most importantly
they also get in Impressions so the companies who are posting on your your
seo marketing definitely again Impressions and definitely at some point they will
have no choice than to you know bind whatever it is that the companies are
advertising on your website 
seo marketing so everything that you are thinking about I know
like I said I’m only dealing with serious people who are interested in hiking
their CPC 
seo marketing making some cool money we are not asking for all of the monies of the
world we’re just asking for something that we can you know use to keep up with
life and grow as human beings right because I get that a lot and a lot of
people do you know what you’re doing is illegal of course 

I do I know whether what I’m doing is illegal but do you have something better for me to do
so apologies that I’m a little bit being stunned and a little bit experienced
and exposure as actually brought me this far has made my has made me to you
know be more hard on myself and also my students right so I understand some
people might not like it but then I have to say this out for every single person
who watches this or who things come on Virtual signal in my DM and I would feel
bad no all right so the next section now would be about how to go about this
entire seo marketing what do you need to do how do you go about it I’m going to be
talking about how you can go about it right and this session is not going to be
privy for my YouTube followers if you want to be a part of this reach out to me
and I will show you how to go about it and how you can get access to the
information but for now I have a quote that I’ve made here and I said swiftly
we’re still Quote moving live else you’ll be left behind wisdom must proceed
all things right I’m not preaching to anybody here but you need to understand
that in life if you’re not wise if you don’t move with a little bit of wisdom
you will lose at every single step of your life so you can choose to be a loser
but then if you want to be a loser

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