The Most Creative and Unique Names for Your Beauty Salon

 The Most Creative and Unique Names for Your Beauty Salon

Now that you’ve decided to open your own beauty salon, it’s time to think about the name. It will be seen by potential customers on every advertising channel, so it has to be something that stands out from the crowd and communicates the benefits of your services. That doesn’t mean it has to be a long and complicated name either – short names have become trendy in recent years, so you should have plenty of options to choose from! If you’re struggling with this decision, try our list of creative and unique names for your beauty salon, and see if any of them inspire you!

Descriptive Words

This is a quick list of descriptive words used to describe a salon. Use them in your headline to increase click throughs, SEO value, or brand recognition. Words are shown in alphabetical order by their first letter so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for! If there are any that aren’t here that you think would be useful to include, please post them in our Facebook group! 

You can also consider adding an adjective after Salon if your business includes something else such as wedding salons or nail salons. For example: Wedding -Nail – Makeup – Hair … Try different combinations of adjectives with Salons to come up with unique names.

Reminding people of something positive

It’s amazing how just having a reminder of something positive can have a huge impact on your mood, says Tali Sharot, a cognitive neuroscientist at University College London. In one study, she showed participants images that elicited positive emotions and neutral ones. Those who viewed more positive images reported feeling happier afterward. But it wasn’t just their memories that were affected: Their brains actually changed in response to these pictures. Sharot found that people who looked at positive pictures had increased activity in an area of their brain called the left ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (VLPFC). This is an area involved in regulating emotion and decision-making—basically, it helps you make smart choices about what you do next.

Using verbs in your name

While it’s not unheard of to include a verb in your business name, it can be risky. If you use a verb in your name, make sure that your service is described as well—and even then, consider testing how consumers respond to your name. If they misinterpret your offering and think you sell something completely different than what you do, you may want to reconsider using that word. For example, naming your salon Hair-Licious might lead people to believe you only offer hair services when in fact you also offer nail care services. It could confuse potential customers who might visit only expecting to find a hair salon (which doesn’t exist). In addition, if someone were looking for hair care or nail care, there would be no way for them to know whether or not you provide those services. A better option? Try The Cutest Nails or Funky Fingers!

Being different from others nearby

A salon needs to stand out from other beauty shops in its area. To achieve that, you can offer creative services or products that won’t be found in other salons. For example, if there are plenty of nail studios nearby, why not sell wedding gowns too? That way you can cater to brides-to-be as well as their mothers-of-the-bride who might want to get a manicure before their daughters walk down the aisle. It also allows you to market your shop as an all-in-one destination for weddings and special occasions. Another option is to come up with a name that suggests some kind of benefit beyond hair styling or nail care—something like Beauty Beyond Expectations or Exceeding Expectations Every Time.

Alliteration in names

Alliteration is a common trend among names of salons. For example, many hairdressers go by different variations of Hair Divas (Hair Designs, Hair Do’s, etc.). While these names may sound silly at first, they help clients remember your salon over time—and that’s what matters in business. Nail salons also have their fair share of alliterative names; one such example is Nails Now! If you’re struggling to come up with a name for your beauty studio, consider alliteration as an option.

Aesthetic Words

Aesthetic is an adjective that refers to things like beauty, art, perception, values or feeling. Using a word with a similar meaning as part of your salon’s name can help people remember what you do: Looking beautiful, bringing out your natural beauty, putting together a sense of style that flatters both men and women. If you specialize in nail care, using words like beauty or nails could be good choices; likewise if you have a cosmetology school or training center attached to your business. If your business is in a specific area—for example, if it focuses on hair loss solutions—using words related to that field could also be helpful. For example, if you offer laser treatments for hair loss, including laser in your name might be helpful.

Show off your personality with your name

While many hair salons stick to standard names like Salon, Hair-Us, or Renaissance, you can use your imagination to be a little more unique. Be sure to consult with your spouse or partner before picking a name—and make sure they don’t veto it!—but here are some ideas to get you started Amber Waves of Grain – If you love working with your hands and creating beautiful art from them, why not call yourself something that reflects that? Amber Waves of Grain is creative but still easy to pronounce. It also gives customers an idea of what type of services you offer.

By The Way – A clever play on words, By The Way makes customers think about how your salon will help them feel better about themselves.

Once you have your name, be consistent about it by incorporating it into your logo design. (More specifically, try to incorporate it into all the necessary parts such as business cards, website, etc.)

Be sure to include your brand name in all of your designs. This way you can leverage it consistently over time. Consistency is key to growing brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. Even on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram you should find ways to share photos of your business name/logo so people know exactly what your business is about.

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