Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Ending Explained, What can we learn from Scrooge: A Christmas Story?

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Plot Synopsis

 As you already know, it tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly old moneylender who hates Christmas. He has no time for his nephew Harry, has a bad temper with his employee Bob, and shows no mercy to the debtors in his town.

  Scrooge is indeed a miserable man, but when he is visited by the ghost of his dead business partner, Jacob Marley, and three other ghosts representing his past, present, and future, he is taught some valuable life lessons that cause him to change his ways and change his lifestyle. to be a better person. 

 So, what are the lessons he learns? What can we learn from Scrooge’s example? Read on to find out more about the latest iteration of Dickens’ famous story.

  Why is Scrooge visited by ghosts?

  The first ghost Scrooge meets is Jacob Marley, an old business partner who is literally chained by the regrets of the afterlife. He warns Scrooge that unless he changes his greedy and unpleasant ways, he will suffer the same fate. In order to teach him some valuable lessons, he tells Scrooge that he has arranged for 3 visitors to meet him at 1, 2, and 3 each hour.

  Scrooge does not believe what Marley is telling him and thinks he is dreaming. But on this cold Christmas Eve, Marley’s words come true and Scrooge is visited by three ghosts who try to change his life.

  What does the Ghost of Christmas past show Scrooge?

  The next ghost to come is the Ghost of Christmas Past, which takes Scrooge back to when he was a young man. He is returned to the factory where he worked as a child trying to scrape together enough money to support his family, including his beloved sister Jen, who is terminally ill. 

 Thankfully, Jen survived childhood despite her illness, but she died in childbirth giving birth to Harry. Since he died at Christmas, we can understand why the holiday season is difficult for Scrooge.

  Flash forward a few years to when Scrooge is engaged to marry a girl named Isabel. It’s a happy time in her life, but when Jacob goes to work for Marley, he starts devoting more time to his work than to his fiancée. Fed up with Scrooge telling her “later” when he wanted to spend time with her, Isabel decided to leave her neglectful lover behind and move on to a happily married life with someone else.

  These reminders of the past are painful for Scrooge, but he is reminded by the ghost that while the past can hurt, it can also heal if you let it.

  What does the dream of a Christmas present show to Scrooge?

  The Ghost of Christmas present appears to give Scrooge a glimpse into the lives of two people who knew him.

  To begin with, he is taken to Harry’s house, who proposes a toast to Scrooge at dinner. His kind words don’t sit well with the guests, who have nothing to say about the grumpy old moneylender.

    Thanks to Scrooge’s miserly ways, they don’t get to eat much, but Bob still raises a glass to his boss regardless of his pitiful earnings. From the corner of the room, Bob’s son Tim is coughing and wheezing, and his sickly state reminds Scrooge of his late sister, who suffered similarly when she was sick as a child.

  Scrooge is worried about Tim and asks what will happen to his ghost. The ghost of the Christmas present tells him that he cannot answer because he can only tell Scrooge “what it is”. But he reminds her of the importance of doing the best you can with the time you have, and doing it before time runs out.

  The Ghost of Christmas Future shows what life would be like if Scrooge didn’t change him. When he is taken to the future, he witnesses a grave: his own! Only a few people attend her funeral, one of whom, Tom Jenkins, is glad she’s dead. In another scene, we see other debtors celebrating the death of the man who made their lives miserable.

  Scrooge then sees another grave. This is about Tim. He realizes that his actions caused the boy’s death, and it makes him very sad.

  Does Scrooge become a changed man?

  Scrooge wakes up on Christmas Day and immediately decides to change his ways. He clears the townspeople’s debts, does charity and invites everyone to his house for Christmas dinner. This is where he promises to make amends to everyone, including his business partner, Bob.

  By changing his attitude towards others, Scrooge became a changed man. He becomes happier, kinder, and more optimistic about life and living, which are qualities he sees in the various people in his life as he travels through time.

  What can we learn from Scrooge: A Christmas Story?

  Despite his painful past, Scrooge learned that he can still find happiness in life. This is something we can all strive to do, because our present and future lives do not have to be shaped by the events that defined us before.

Scrooge discovered that he had the power to change not only his own life, but also the lives of others. We can do the same. Kind words, charity and a friendly hand are just some of the things we can offer to those around us. 

 By doing so, we could do much to improve the lives of young Tim Cratchit, as Scrooge did when he changed the course of his life, as well as the lives of his family and the people in town. By taking such positive steps, we can also learn that the happiness we give to others can lead to the happiness we experience in our own lives.

  The film (and the original story) also teaches that the pursuit of money cannot make us happy. Scrooge lost the love of his life and time with Harry as a result of his amorous ways, but at the end of the story he learns that there are more things like the joys of family and friendship. more important than wealth. If we spend a lot of time working at the expense of our family, this is another thing we may want to consider.

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