Scrooge: A Christmas Carol 2 Sequel Update, Will there be a sequel to Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol 2

  It’s Christmas time again, and with it comes a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic story, A Christmas Carol. Currently streaming on Netflix, this animated version of the author’s moral tale features a stellar cast, including Luke Evans as Ebenezer Scrooge, Jonathan Pryce as the ghost of Jacob Marley, and Olivia Colman as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

  Scrooge: A Christmas Carol doesn’t do much to deviate from the original story—which would be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view—but it’s still worthwhile thanks to the voice work and creative animation. watch it even if you know how the story ends. 

 If you liked the new Netflix movie, you might be interested in the sequel. But will Scrooge be part of our Christmas Future? Here’s what we know at the time of writing.

  Scrooge: What is A Christmas Carol?

  As with previous adaptations of A Christmas Carol, the film follows the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a grumpy old moneylender who hates Christmas!

  On a cold Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited at home by the ghost of his dead business partner, Jacob Marley, who is forced to wander the afterlife in chains. Marley warns Scrooge that if he does not change his ways, he will share the same fate. Scrooge doesn’t believe this at first, but when he is visited by three other spirits who teach him valuable life lessons, he begins to understand how his miserly behavior affects the people around him.

  At the end of the story, he is relieved to hear that he still has time to change and does his best to make amends with his mistreated family and townspeople.

Will there be a sequel to Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

  A sequel to Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is highly unlikely. Charles Dickens never wrote a sequel featuring Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, or any of the other characters from his original tale, so you shouldn’t expect Netflix to greenlight a sequel.

  This is not to say that there were no sequels to A Christmas Carol, as several people have created their own works of fiction inspired by Dickens’ novel, including Matt McHugh, who wrote a short story called Scrooge and Cratchit.

  It’s unlikely that any of these will be the basis for another Netflix movie, but if you want a continuation of Scrooge’s story, you can always watch their stories.

  What could Scrooge: A Christmas Carol 2 be about?

  The sequel could see Scrooge revert to his miserly ways if another series of events leads him to hate Christmas. Or, if he needs a reminder of the importance of generosity and mercy at Christmas time, Scrooge’s ghost might visit another character, perhaps a grown-up Little Tim.

  These are just speculations as we don’t think a sequel will happen, but if you have any story ideas, let us know by commenting below.

  When will Scrooge: A Christmas Carol 2 be released?

  A sequel could be released in December 2023 if Netflix decides to do so, but it’s more likely that we’ll see a reimagining of A Christmas Carol on our streaming services instead of a follow-up movie.

  If Ghost of Christmas Future visits us with sequel news, we’ll let you know. But for now, you have to assume that a sequel to Scrooge: A Christmas Carol isn’t happening.

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