How to Write Seo Article Writing Content

  How to Write Seo Article Writing Content

Would you like it to Source the seo article writing content from there are thousands of new sources here you can from any Source be the most prolific and the best of the best news um you know channels Etc even your local channels you can get and the icing on the cake is that these can actually write content in different languages I’ll show you how now I have set my rules in every hour I would like you to get five seo article writing content

A particular topic and this is my role now I said get content on the topic EVS right and would you like it to exclude from some countries or a few countries list them here I don’t I’m not excluding from any country what language would you like I was just talking about this this has well Over 20 Languages if not more than that so if you’re seo article writing content

Your seo article writing content in Dutch if you’re writing your content in French you have no problem at all now I would say that this is not sponsored right I’m not getting sponsored by any of this um plugins that I promote I see something good that I use I recommend it to you go ahead and do what you want to do with it right 

You keep scrolling hey you gotta generate the title how would you like the title to be like so if you leave it like this it’s gonna just come out as the title on the new source right so you want to make sure that it’s a little bit different I’ll be explaining this when I’m Today I’m going to be teaching you how to create content without actually creating content right Now a lot of you have seen some of my success in Google AdSense that is because I often strive to make sure that I make everything green

When I and my friends started AdSense we only focused on less stress and so much of green money our definition of green money is when you have created a platform or a system that continually generates income for you without so much of your input right and when I started using this particular 

What I call it strategy I love using strategies it really changed a lot of things because I’m able to just relax and create original seo article writing content the world is original you can create however amount of words that you saw choose to create now if you know me well you know I like zebras that’s why you can see zebras on my screen and let’s get started so the first thing I want you to do is just to go to um the browser and I have opened anvato market and then vato Market

You get a lot of plugins teams resource files Etc the list goes on and on you can even get application and web script on here right I was just surfing and a friend of mine told me about this plugin it’s called new somatic automatic News Post generator plugin right now when I bought mine it was a little bit pricey but I think the price is about 27.50 US dollars and what this plugin does is that it gives you a license right the creator of this shout out to this person this groupof um coders their name is code Revolution I will tell you I’m shouting them out because this plugin works like magic right so what this plugin actually does is that it’s it they have a system right where they gather seo article writing content from the top best new sources so we have CNN ABC 

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