How to Seo Content Writing Services

  How to Seo Content Writing Services

Seo services that has been created on their systems or servers now when you get an API you connect to that server and then those content are brought onto your website now why I say it’s original seo marketing is because this plugin has so many features an example of the future is that it can paraphrase content so when you get content from let’s say an external sources can paraphrase it in a way and manner that makes it looks like it’s an original seo content that is really smart right and all you have to do is just to give it some set of rules and the Roses or in about an hour I wanted to get 20 content so I wanted to Source out 20 good content for me right and import it onto my website in my name so it’s going to be you as the author that will be generating this content let me give you an example I have this website of mine seo content writing services for Seo company I’m still working on seo it and all this seo content on this website I have never I don’t even know all of the seo content I I have never written seo content or I’ve never come here to say I want to you know write some seo content never how this work is by doing this so you come here so what you need to do is just to go to top news and post and once it loads you’re going to give it some sort of rules seo content writing services now I’m going to show you some of the rules that I’ve given to read here so these are some of my rules okay so what is the ID you’re going to give it an ID then what new source would you like it to Source the seo article from there are thousands of new sources here you can from any Source be the most prolific and the best of the best news um you know channels Etc even your local channels you can get and the icing on the cake is that these can actually write seo content in different languages I’ll show you how now I have set my rules in every hour.

 I would like you to get five seo content on a particular topic and this is my role now I said get seo content on the topic seo content writing services right and would you like it to exclude from some countries or a few countries list them here I don’t I’m not excluding from any country what language would you like I was just talking about this this has well Over 20 Languages if not more than that so if you’re writing your seo content.

Dutch if you’re writing your seo content in French you have no problem at all now I would say that this is not sponsored right I’m not getting sponsored by any of this um plugins that I promote I see something good that I use I recommend it to you go ahead and do what you want to do with it right so if you keep scrolling hey you gotta generate the title how would you like the title to be like so if you leave it like this it’s gonna just owing you how to configure the rules right so this is the content how what name would you like it to be published as I want to be publishing my name if you want it to be published as a random user I don’t know why you would ever want to do that so leave it and then once you finish setting up all of the rules you can even set how many seo words you would like it’s crazy right see there’s a place where you could set how many words so you could this is the way it is so limits seo content words ousand likes I’m gonna definitely make another video showing you how I’m having more than 20 different categories here that I’m using and all I do is just to relax whilst the AdSense money is being generated people are really in fresh seo content every single time I am never seo content dry

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