How To Magically Create 100% Seo Original Content

 How To Magically Create 100% Seo Original Content

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to create seo article writing content without actually creating seo article writing content right Now a lot of you have seen some of my success in Google AdSense that is because I often strive to make sure that I make everything green

When I and my friends started AdSense we only focused on less stress and so much of green money our definition of green money is when you have created a platform or a system that continually generates income for you without so much of your input right and when I started using this particular what I call it strategy I love using strategies it really changed a lot of things because I’m able to just relax and create original seo article writing content the world is original you can create however amount of words that you saw choose to create now if you know me well you know I like zebras that’s why you can see zebras on my screen and let’s get started so the first thing I want you to do is just to go to um the browser and I have opened anvato market and then vato Market you get alot of plugins teams resource files Etc the list goes on and on you can even get application and web script on here right

 I was just surfing and a friend of mine told me about this plugin it’s called new somatic automatic News Post generator plugin right now when I bought mine it was a little bit pricey but I think the price is about 27.50 US dollars and what this plugin does is that it gives you a license right the creator of this shout out to this person this group of um coders their name is code Revolution I will tell you I’m shouting them out because this plugin works like magic right so what this plugin actually does is that it’s it they have a system right where they gather content so seo article writing content from the top best new sources so we have CNN ABC 

Whatever so many new sources that has been created on their systems or servers now when you get an API you connect to that server and then those content are brought onto your website now why I say it’s seo article writing content is because this plugin has so many features an example of the future is that it can paraphrase seo article writing content so when you get seo article writing content from let’s say an external sources can paraphrase it in a way and manner that makes it looks like it’s an original seo article writing content that is really smart right and all you have to do is just to give it some set of rules and the Roses or in about an hour I wanted to get 20 seo article writing content

 I wanted to Source out 20 good seo article writing content for me right and import it onto my website in my name so it’s going to be you as the author that will be generating this content let me give you an example I have this website of mine EVS for Africa I’m still working on it and all this seo article writing content on this website I have never I don’t even know all of the seo article writing content  I have never written seo article writing content

I’ve never come here to say I want to you know write some seo article writing content never how this work is by doing this so you come here so what you need to do is just to go to top news and post and once it loads you’re going to give it some sort of rules now I’m going to show you some of the rules that I’ve given to read here so these are some of my rules okay so what is the ID you’re going to give it an ID then what new source 

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