Hit 2 : The Second Case Adivi Sesh New Suspense Thriller Movie Review

Movie Review 

Known as one of the most appreciated actors in Telugu cinema, Adivi Sesh emerged as a pan-Indian star with Major. The film released earlier this year and received positive reviews with many praising her performance. His latest film HIT 2, which opens in theaters on Friday, December 2, is another important release for him as it marks his entry into what many colloquially describe as the “HIT Verse”. However, the film does not quite live up to the expectations created by its exciting trailer. 


 HIT 2 revolves around Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh), a brilliant police officer who takes up the task of hunting down a serial killer. He uses his presence of mind to narrow down the suspect. In a shocking turn of events, he appears to be headed in the right direction. This sets the stage for a confrontation between him and his threatening enemy.

  HIT 2 has a challenging storyline that touches on several sensitive topics such as encounters with the police and the role of the media in ensuring the supremacy of truth. A promising plot unfortunately falls short of its potential mainly due to mediocre screenplay. 

Intense Sequence 

HIT 2 opens with a simple yet intense sequence that sets the stage for what’s to follow. We are then introduced to Krishna Dev solving a case within minutes. The sequence tries to create an aura around the character of Adivi Sesh. However, the humor does not have the desired effect as it seems forced. Adivi’s scenes with Meenakshi Chaudhary, who plays Sesh’s girlfriend, also prove humiliating. The writer (Sailesh Kolanu) tries to highlight KD’s softer side but they disrupt the flow of the film.

  However, HIT 2 gets back on track when Sesh’s character discovers a “dead body”. The sequence is terrible, but handled with a fair degree of maturity. There is no attempt to glorify or sensationalize violence. The twist right before the break is quite nauseating and keeps one hooked.


Second Half 

 The second half is unfortunately where HIT 2 falters. The filmmakers work hard to create a sense of suspense, which diminishes the impact of the film. The identity of the killer is revealed sooner than expected. 

 HIT 2 gets back to the mojo towards the end. Set in a ‘clinic’, the scene hits all the right notes and gives Adivi Sesh ample scope to be equal parts vulnerable and heroic. However, it is the final scene that proves to be the biggest highlight of the film. It introduces us to the hero of HIT 3 and gives fans a surprise for their fans, “The Natural”.


  As for the performances, Adivi Sesh is the heart and soul of HIT 2. He plays everything very well. It’s especially great in action scenes. He manages to make them feel as real as possible.

  Meenakshi Chaudhary is loaded with cliche and generic character. The same unfortunately goes for Rao Ramesh, Komalee Prasad and Posani Murali Krishna. The music (MM Srilekha) is not up to par as none of the songs make an impact. 

 In conclusion, HIT 2 is an average thriller that belongs only to Advi Sesh but does not justify its intrinsically compelling story.

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