Google Launches “SEO Made Easy” YouTube Series

Google announces the “SEO Made Easy” YouTube series, which offers doable advice for improving a website’s performance in search results.


  • Google has launched a brand-new YouTube series called “SEO Made Easy.”
  • The first episode focuses on modifying site names in Google’s search results using structured data.
  • The series targets both inexperienced and seasoned website owners.

Google Launches “SEO Made Easy” YouTube Series

Google has unveiled the first video in a new “SEO Made Easy” YouTube series to show users how to enhance the performance of their website in search results.

Martin Splitt from Google’s Search Relations team shows in the first episode how websites can alter how their brand name appears in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

In a previous introduction, Splitt provided an outline of the material and stated that it would be useful for both new and seasoned website administrators.

Splitt claims

“We offer advice for both new and seasoned website owners. We’ll go over advice like using Google Search Console to identify high-yielding search terms or lazy loading for a better page experience.

This series seeks to offer concise, practical video lessons to help websites flourish in Google because SEO is a shifting target.

Structured data is extensively discussed in the first episode of “SEO Made Easy” in relation to website optimization.

The First Episode: Changing Website Names

Splitt introduces the series by describing a foundation of SEO: customizing site names with structured data.

If Google Search has trouble figuring out what your website’s preferred name is automatically, structured data can be used to affect how it’s shown.

For individuals who might be unable to incorporate structured data into their websites, Splitt offers helpful advice. First, he advises making sure the site name is regularly present in the page titles.

He points out that while some content management systems let users select a name for the entire site, others can demand that the name be manually added to page titles. He does note that this method does not function on a per-directory basis and only applies to top-level domains or subdomains.

You need to give Google some time to process the adjustments after these changes are made. By using Search Console and asking that the homepage be re-indexed, you can hasten the process.

More Episodes Are Coming

Google’s most recent YouTube educational video investment for webmasters and digital marketers is the “SEO Made Easy” series.

This episode, the first of many, sets the groundwork for a thorough investigation of SEO tactics that might make your website stand out in Google Search.

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