Google Answers How To Get Discover Traffic Back After It Dries Up

Martin Split from Google says that “Discover is an organic feature that accompanies user demand and habits.”

Google Answers How To Get Discover Traffic Back After It Dries Up

On the July 2023 Office Hours session, a question concerning what to do when traffic from Google Discover traffic stops was addressed by Martin Splitt of Google. Martin summarizes the primary focus areas of Google Discover.

Google Discover

Users may find articles in the Discover stream interesting.

In order to expose material that is linked to a user’s interests, Google employs signals of what those interests are. It is unknown what such signals of interest are.

No material is available that specifically outlines the signals that Google employs to identify a user’s interest.

But it’s obvious to everyone who reads Discover that one of the signals might be what a user is looking for.

How Can I Increase and Keep Google Discover Traffic?

The inquiry posed is as follows:

“Not on Google Discover anymore… What should I do to return?

Martin Splitt of Google replied:

Discover is a built-in feature that changes based on user preferences and activity.

Therefore, there isn’t a simple solution for increasing Discover traffic.

Generally, Discover can include content that is indexed and complies with our content standards.

However, you’ll find that traffic can be unpredictable and fluctuates.

Google Pays Attention to User Demand and Habits

This explanation of Google Discover’s operation is valuable because it emphasizes how the selection procedure is based on user preferences.

These tips are provided on Google’s page on how to access Google Discover:

New and Recurring Topics

Google displays relevant evergreen information, but the algorithm also searches for new content on specific subjects that frequently require it.

For instance, in the fields of sports, technology, entertainment, and specific items, there are continually new developments and important themes emerging.

Recipes, for example, don’t actually vary all that much unless a chef creates a fresh take on an old favorite.

Google suggests:

Although Discover is intended to display various kinds of helpful content from around the web, not simply recently released stuff, the content in Discover is automatically renewed when new content is published.

Write About Topics Not Keywords

Focusing too much on keywords or the semantics of words and not enough on subjects is a mistake I frequently see in the SEO sector.

I believe it is a waste of time to concentrate on the semantics of words. Pay attention to engaging topics.

The topics focus on what’s happening in the market and what people are currently interested in.

In my view, concentrating on subjects brings the writer closer to meeting reader wants, which is what Google Discover is seeking.

Google Discover offers the following on its website:

As a component of Google Search, Discover uses many of the same signals and frameworks that Search does to identify content that is beneficial to users.

Signals That Google Discover Utilizes

The essay must be written in a way that makes the topic evident once the issue has been clarified.

Here’s where writers who prioritize keywords and SEOs who are concerned with semantics go astray.

My actual experience has shown that an article that performs well focuses on the topic and effectively explains that issue.

An article that is subject-focused will show headers that make it simple to understand the topic without having to read the sentences, according to the heading outline,It lists each heading component used in the post.

When you look at the heading outline, you get a forest-view rather than a close-up perspective of the individual trees (sentences).

Plan your material, like a story with chapters, so that it is well-structured and covers each topic-beat.

Google provides the following recommendations:

Use page titles that clearly state the key elements of the article.

Include eye-catching, top-notch photos in your article.

Give readers timely information relevant to their interests, compelling storytelling, or insightful stuff.

Additionally, Google warns against hyperbole, appealing to outrage, deceptive headlines, and morbid or disturbing topics.


Although it isn’t reliable, Google Discover can be a fantastic source of traffic.

According to my experience, an excellent method for boosting the possibility of receiving visitors from Discover is to concentrate on the issue, write correctly, use a well centered and pertinent image, and stay up to date.

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