Many people cannot imagine a life without sport. Sport
keeps you fit and makes a valuable contribution to health. Also because
exercise is a great way to lose a few pounds. With the right clothing, the
whole thing is often twice as much fun. If you have the right pattern,
you can theoretically even sew the fitness outfit yourself, but sportswear has
to meet certain requirements.

Functional clothing is almost a must for training

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports pants, shirts,
swimwear, or cycling pants, the clothing has to be functional. Good
sportswear protects the body from cooling down or overheating because it
influences body temperature and wicks sweat away from the body.

Modern sportswear must combine this functionality and an
attractive look. It doesn’t matter which sport you practice with it,
because there is a suitable outfit for almost every individual. First and
foremost, an optimal fit is essential, sportswear must above all be
comfortable. After all, you are constantly on the move when doing sports,
so nothing should restrict or limit you. During sports, it must be
comfortable on the skin, and the material must not scratch or chafe.

In addition, functionality is a very important
aspect. This means that the clothing must be breathable and
air-permeable. Sweat is only wicked away from the body if these points are
met. Outdoor athletes should also make sure that the clothing is as
weatherproof as possible, for example when walking to lose weight.


And the materials? Yes, pure cotton has great
properties and is very comfortable to wear, but cotton is not so well suited
for sportswear. Functional sportswear is mostly made of synthetic high-tech

High-quality sportswear doesn’t have to cost a fortune

Quality has its price, that applies to most areas of
life. Even high-quality sportswear is usually not cheap. But that
doesn’t mean that you have to throw yourself into extreme expenses. As a
rule, many items of clothing are only so expensive because they come from a
brand manufacturer, so the brand name is also paid for. If a piece of
clothing costs less, it can still be made of similarly good synthetic materials
that are also moisture-repellent and breathable.

It is important that you feel comfortable in the sportswear
and that you enjoy putting it on. Great clothing should actually make you
want to do sports. Sportswear is available in so many different cuts and
colors that there should be something on the market for every
taste. Elastic cuffs are important for long trousers and long-sleeved tops
so that they fit well and do not constantly slip.

Good sportswear helps regulate body heat


Which sportswear you choose also depends on the season, of
course. Airy clothing made of light materials is recommended in summer,
but in winter you should use thermal clothing if you train outside. No
matter what sport you do, your body will definitely heat up, causing you to
sweat automatically. Even if sweat is disgusting for many, it is our
body’s own air conditioning system and therefore important. In summer you
can also wear functional underwear outdoors. The right material transports
heat and moisture away from the body.


In the cold season, on the other hand, the body temperature
must be kept constant. Nevertheless, winter sportswear should wick away
moisture. Proper performance is only possible if the body does not cool


Functional sportswear usually consists of several
layers. This onion principle is intended to prevent the skin from cooling
down too quickly and ensure that moisture is released into the environment at
the same time. By the way, when training, it is also important to have the
right underwear. We recommend underwear made of synthetic materials.

What advantages special sportswear brings

Even amateur athletes are better advised to wear
sportswear. In the past, you simply put on sweatpants or leggings and a
cotton T-shirt. Of course, that’s convenient. But it makes sense to
invest in proper sportswear. High-quality sportswear not only looks good, it
improves training performance in part because it fits better. Nothing is
more annoying than baggy sports clothes. The demands that the fitness
outfit has to meet naturally also depend on the sport in question.


Above all, the sportswear must fit perfectly so that it does
not slip “in action”. However, it must not be so tight that it
pinches and constricts. Sufficient freedom of movement is important so
that you can practice your sport correctly. This does not only apply to
sports pants, tops should not be too tight, especially at the neck. The
cuffs on the sleeves, on the other hand, must fit snugly so that you cannot get


Clothing made of cotton is very comfortable to wear, but the
fibers only absorb sweat, they don’t wick it away to the outside and wet sports
clothes are uncomfortable. Apart from the feel-good factor, the body also
cools down faster when the clothes are damp. This increases the risk of
infections and injuries.


Functional sportswear is intelligent and always feels dry,
even when you are sweating heavily. In addition, it scores with easy care
and a short drying time after washing. There is now even sportswear with a
special antibacterial coating to prevent the smell of sweat.

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