COOKING WITH Children only want to eat fast food or sweets?

COOKING WITH Children only want to eat fast food or sweets? 

COOKING WITH Children only want to eat fast food or sweets?

Wrong, that’s a nasty prejudice. The reality is different: Children are enthusiastic about many things – especially cooking. It is important that the grown-ups show the little ones how much fun cooking and baking can be. With these tips, kids become little kitchen pros.

Parents also influence what children can and cannot do

If you want to arouse the children’s interest in the kitchen, you have to let them participate. Chopping, sorting, laying the table: there are various tasks with which the offspring can gain practical experience from the age of 4 to 5 years. Of course, the little assistants shouldn’t work directly on the hot stove, that would be too dangerous.

The topic of conscious nutrition for children is often complicated, but it has to be

Not be. When keywords such as “healthy eating” and “children” come up, many parents immediately think of spinach. Unfortunately, spinach is quite boring to prepare (put it in the pot and heat it up). It is better if the parents think about the first family cooking attempts and start with something that arouses the children’s interest, and is delicious and healthy at the same time.

What better way to do this than brightly colored, sweet fruit? Such superfoods for more power in everyday life also taste good for children. A top start is a blueberry smoothie. Quick and easy to prepare, delicious, healthy, and colorful. If the blueberries are growing in the forest nearby, the kids can even collect their berries themselves.

Children’s eyes light up when they bake

The holiday season is the perfect time to get kids excited about activities in the kitchen. The Christmas smells of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or marzipan attract children almost by themselves. Best conditions! When baking cookies for Christmas, the offspring can hardly do anything wrong. It is particularly exciting when the children are allowed to form their first biscuits. Shortly thereafter, the results can already be admired (and above all tried out) – the children’s eyes light up!

Baking can always be integrated into everyday life, of course with the involvement of the children. For example, cookies can be baked all year round. Anyone who regularly finds one or two biscuits as a side dish in the school lunch box will soon have many ideas of their own for the next baking project.

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