Many parents experience sleepless nights because the baby turns night into day and simply does not want to sleep. If this condition continues for many weeks, the lack of sleep gnaws at health, nerves, and condition. But there are even more serious consequences of lack of sleep – in the long term, lack of sleep can cause various health problems. The good news: With a few life hacks, the situation becomes more relaxed.

Lack of sleep gets on everyone’s nerves

When toddler keeps their parents awake around the clock, their ability to concentrate and perform suffers. In the long run, the constant tiredness naturally gnaws at the mood. Dissatisfaction arises because one has the feeling of no longer being able to cope with the demands of everyday life. The consequences of lack of sleep can also make them feel in the relationship. Even friendships and jobs suffer from this stressful situation because sleep-deprived mothers and fathers naturally have fewer nerves.

Anyone who has a small child and continues to work full-time sometimes makes mistakes in everyday work that would not have happened under normal circumstances. Why? Because the lack of sleep means that the necessary concentration is missing. It is important to talk openly with friends, family, and colleagues about the situation. Don’t worry, most are very understanding and some even offer to help. The solidarity among parents should not be underestimated. Welcome to the Mamas and Papas Club!

3 tips for more sleep despite the baby

Nevertheless, it is important to get the lack of sleep under control. The goal is more time to snooze – and parents with small children can achieve that too. These three tips will help you on your way to healthier sleep

1. A question of organization

During the first three years of life, the baby often sleeps in the parent’s bedroom. So that at least one parent gets enough sleep, mothers and fathers can take turns getting rest. The trick: For example, one parent sleeps on the sofa in the living room. And the one who slept in the living room sleeps with the baby again the following night. Another option is to let the baby sleep in the living room and monitor it with a baby monitor.

2. Ensure a quiet end to the day

Of course, this is easier said than done for young parents. But it is important to actively flip the switch to relaxation. When the baby is in bed, parents can rest their bodies and minds by avoiding strenuous activities. Yoga, cuddling on the sofa, or a relaxing bath can help.

3. Do not strain the body

Alcohol or a really sumptuous dinner puts a strain on the body and only unnecessarily worsens the quality of sleep. In order to sleep better, parents should avoid it and only eat a light meal. A short evening walk with the baby also helps to switch off. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air, that’s good.

Consequences of lack of sleep for the body and psyche

In the long run, lack of sleep is not to be trifled with. As I said, there are health problems. According to Apotheken-Umschau, scientific studies show that seven to eight hours of sleep are the most effective way to recover from everyday life. Sleep is important for the organism because a lot happens during the rest phase:

Toxins and pollutants are disposed of during sleep.

The body fills up with new strength and energy.

Fat is broken down during sleep.

Too little sleep weakens the immune system.

Since glucose is broken down by the liver during sleep, prolonged lack of sleep can even lead to diabetes mellitus.

Lack of sleep also affects hormone levels, such as sex hormones. This can lead to menstrual irregularities in women.

Sleep-deprived couples often lose interest in $ex. 

People who constantly lack sleep have an increased risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. Lack of sleep increases the build-up of calcium and cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. If the condition continues for a long time, it can lead to obesity. Stress and frustration tolerance decreases. All of these are reasons to pull the ripcord, focus more on your own needs, and ensure better sleep. It’s worth it, I promise. And it’s totally okay to take care of yourself, too. Because in the end, the whole family benefits from it.

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