Bro Daddy Movie Review, Plot, Mohanlal, Prithviraj

Now, his second directorial effort, Bro Daddy, is quite different from Lucifer. In short, Bro Daddy is a film that shines light on Prithviraj’s skills as a director.


  John Kattadi (Mohanlal) and Annamma (Meena) are a couple who are madly in love even after decades of marriage. How they share it with their families and how they marry each other makes up the story.

  We get to know the broad-minded nature of John Kattadi and Annamma and how they treat Eesho as themselves instead of a son. On the other hand, Anna’s father Kurian (Lalu Alex) and Elsie (Kaniha) lead a conservative life. 

 Kurian owns an advertising agency and is ready to marry Anna to a guy with advertising experience. At a family event, Eeesho and Anna pretend to hate each other. 

Bro Daddy’s story starts reading here. At a time when theaters and OTT platforms are dominated by revenge dramas and action thrillers, films like Bro Daddy bring a smile to one’s face. It also explains how family entertainment is needed – well done – much needed. Bro Daddy deals with many complex issues.

 From parenting to pregnancy, writers Sreejith and Bibin Maliekal have collected important messages that are relevant in society. 

Prithviraj Sukumaran Bro Daddy’s story has been handled very carefully. These key messages are not lost as the film progresses. They land well and so the effect is correct. For example, we see Eeson sharing every piece of information with his father, John. 

 But Anna is afraid to share her life decision with her father Kurian. This simple scene demonstrates how parenting influences a child to grow up and become an adult in society. 


 Coming to the performances, Mohanlal is very good in this movie. His minute expressions and comic timing are impeccable. Prithviraj, as his son, gave a superb performance. While it is quite strange to see Prithviraj playing Mohanlal’s son in the film, we soon warm to the fact. Anna as 

 Kalyani Priyadarshan is a revelation. She is natural and her expressions are suitable for every situation. Meena, Kaniha, Lalu Alex, Soubin Shahir and Unni Mukundan gave their best performances in their limited roles in the film.

  Our only gripe with Bro Daddy is the 2 hour 40 minute runtime. Considering it’s an OTT release, the film could have been a little shorter. Certain parts involving the event management company could have been avoided. 

 Initially, when the first conflict is introduced, the film gives Badhaai Ho vibes. But, as it progresses, Bro Daddy holds back and says how different he is from Badhaai Ho.

  Bro Daddy is a delightful family drama with many messages. With excellent performances by the ensemble cast, the film is a comedy that you can enjoy with your family.

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