Best Way to Improve Seo Google Ranking

Best Way to Improve Seo Google Ranking

don’t believe you have your doubt I should share you proof I should show you
that that is your problem because I took risks to be able to share whatever it
is that I’m about to share with you today all right now let’s let’s get into it
how to avoid getting caught by Google 
ranking right so you Google ranking is a data company
must understand that Google 
ranking is a data company and I say data company a company that
deals with huge chunks of data the amount of data that Google 
ranking has I’m sure it’s
going to be more than petabytes because we have megabytes gigabyte terabyte
petabyte I’m definitely sure that it’s going to be in the quadrillion bit of
data because imagine a company that knows that is tailored to every single user
imagine the concept of a system that is so personal to you that knows what you
want that knows the things you need and so on and so forth so crazy that the
algorithms that are on these systems they even know what you would need in the

so when Google ranking asks you what is your age let’s believe that based on
some data that they’ve been able to put in the past they know when it’s time
for you to get married it starts crazy because it has happened to me right I’m
still single I’m not yet married but then I’m having the thought of it in my
head I actually haven’t even shared that with any other person but then I
realized that I started getting ads on rings I started getting ads on wedding
dresses and wedding suit and I’m like whoa are you guys in my head now so they
have they they are a data company and with artificial intelligence they get to
you know know you and know how you behave and you act right but there’s a
downside to everything in as much as they know every single person they can’t
also know every single person at the same time right because not everybody uses
ranking services the only way that Google ranking can get to know you is if you are
logged in if you have an account with Google 
ranking so if you have an account then
they can accumulate your activities but if you don’t have an account they can’t
accumulate your activities which gives us the advantage because it’s a loophole
so it means that whatever it is that we do we can have a way of doing it
without being logged in on Google 
ranking without having our data stored Etc right now
the margin is very thin and you must be very careful and that is why half of my
my tutorials are always based on how to be strategic and careful all right so
everything you think you know about yourself Google 
ranking knows better because of
data logs that they got on you right they know you so well possibly even more
than your mother the things that you plan to do

 Google ranking knows every single place
that I drive to at the end of the month I get the cumulative data of the
longest amount of hours that I’ve driven the places I’ve visited frequently the
most instead you think about it I’m not even using Google 
ranking Maps to navigate my
way around the city but then it knows because my location is on so it knows
okay Ferry you move from here to here to here to here that is how they get to
know you and it’s very important that we capitalize on this and take advantage
of it all right so this Strategy Overview these are the things I’ll be talking
about today for this strategy we have user agent examples of user agent a
Firefox Chrome Etc if you’re following me you must have heard me talk about
this over and over and again the second is devices where we have your iPhones of
the world to Samsung the pixel of the world ETC number three we have our

we have google ranking exetera we have number four cash which
is your stored browsing or browser sessions number five we have data logs what
the computer that you are currently using the data it has been able to
accumulate based on your activities whilst your browsing right and then we have
activities we tend to look at your timeline where you went how you navigated
your way Etc and habit now just touching on user agent because from here we’ll
be moving into the main course and only those people who are my students will
have access to the people who wants to be missing will have access to it right
so user agent these are examples of user agent user agent are just simply the
kinds of would I call it toenail that you use to access any website right when
I say tunnel what kind of browser are you using right so this could be Firefox

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